Get the Message Further

Spreading the word has never been this easy. NetroMedia has over ten years of experience in global streaming faith services. Has your venue reached capacity? Our scalable video, radio, mobile and live event streaming solutions are designed to help your organization expand its reach, whether that means globally or simply reaching those that can’t make it to services in person. Our faith broadcasting services also include special rates that reflect the non-profit nature of your organization.

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Live or On-Demand

NetroMedia’s robust video, radio, mobile and live event platforms are ideally structured to support the needs of internet ministry. Stream your services in real time for those who can’t make it to the live version, or archive your events as on-demand files so that your congregation can follow any time. In addition our scalable solutions are optimized to accommodate live event streaming of sacred holidays and online congregations of any size. With the ability to handle high traffic volumes, our networks offer 24/7 uptime, which means no buffering or pixilation of your live events.

Stream to Any Device

Your message is now limitless: reach your audience wherever they are, on whatever device they have, be it tablet, set-top box, PC, Mac, and mobile (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry).

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High Quality Delivery

With up to HD 1080p available, your faith streaming services never looked this good. Advanced compression standards, including H.264 and full bitrate control allow you complete control over the clarity of your video.

Advanced Analytics

Over 300 reports make it easy to stay on top of streaming faith trends. NetroMedia’s user-friendly advanced analytics include tracking of the past, present and future, specific dates, peak connection times, total connections, viewer hours, and much more. You can also monitor your bandwidth usage to ensure you aren’t paying too much.

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Custom Media Players

NetroMedia’s custom media players can be matched to your organization’s website and logo and will be created to your specifications by our designers. Players can include playlist options for both live and on-demand files.

Expert Support

With NetroMedia, you will experience one-on-one support, available 24/7 to help your internet ministry through anything. Our extensive online knowledge base and live chat option will help you keep your project running smoothly at all times.

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