What will my Pay-Per-View Portal look like?

Already Have A Website?

NetroMedia will copy the existing design and content and apply it to your portal.

No Website? No Problem

All you have to do is supply us with:

  • Logo / banner graphic
  • Background / foreground colors
  • Introduction and relevant text for homepage
  • Relevant text and graphics for default pages
and our talented web experts will create a custom design.

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What Pay-Per-View Products does NetroMedia Offer?

NetroMedia Offers:

  • Live - Pay Per event - one time concert or show
  • Live - subscription - live TV viewing for a month
  • On Demand per title - purchase of one pre-recorded show
  • On Demand subscription - paid access to one or more titles over a period of time purchased.
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What features are included in a Pay-Per-View Portal?

Features included in a Pay-Per-View Portals:

  • Hosted website
  • Hosted domain (http://NAME.netro.ca)
  • Shopping Cart and User login system
  • Home page:
    • Introduction content
    • A paragraph about the company / project
    • Top banner
    • General terms and conditions (pricing, access duration etc.)
    • Embedded introduction video if supplied (optional)
    • Contact information details
  • Sign-up / Registration pages:
    • Complete purchasing process from selecting a product and registering to paying and viewing the selected product.
  • Landing pages for each product:
    • Supporting graphics and content (supplied by client)
    • Troubleshooting paragraph
  • Admin access to CMS (upon request)
  • SecureStream - ensures that paid media is not stolen, copied or shared (Optional)
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What cart payment processors are supported?

Supported Cart Payment Processors:

  • Authorize.net www.authorizenet.com
  • Authorize.net eCheck www.authorizenet.com
  • PayPal Payments Pro www.paypal.com
  • PayPal standard www.paypal.com
  • Banca Sella / GesPay www.sella.it
  • Cardia service version) www.cardia.no
  • Cardia popup version) www.cardia.no
  • maltapay www.maltapay.com
  • NAB (National Australia Bank) www.national.com.au
  • Protx VspDirect www.protx.com
  • Protx VspServer www.protx.com
  • Protx VspForm www.protx.com
  • PayPal www.paypal.com
  • WorldPay
  • Verisign PayflowLink www.versisign.com
  • Australian Verisign PayflowLink www.payflowlink.verisign.com.au
  • Verisign PayflowPro www.verisign.com
  • Australian Verisign PayFlowPro www.verisign.com.au
  • paymate.com.au www.paymate.com.au
  • QPAY www.qenta.com
  • PayGate www.computop.de
  • PBSFuzion (dankort) http://fuzion.dk
  • eProcessing www.eprocessingnetwork.com
  • Beanstream www.beanstream.com
  • TWYP E-Commerce (de internetkassa van de ING Bank) www.twyp.nl
  • conviator www.conviator.com
  • Waterfront www.waterfrontmedia.com
  • CCAvenue https://world.ccavenue.com
  • Secure Hosting http://www.securehosting.com
  • ePDQ Barclaycard Business, Barclays Bank PLC http://www.epdq.co.uk

As well as the following gateways: AuthorizeNet, BankOfAmerica, Cybercash, Echo, Ecx, eProcessing, iBill, Intellipay, ioNgate, ItransactXml, LinkPoint, Mcps, Moneris, NetBilling, NovaNative, NovaViaKlix, Ogone, PayCom, PaymentechNative, PaymentechOrbital, PayPal, PayReady, PlanetPayment, ePoch, PlugnPay, PSiGate, SkipJack, VerisignPayflowLink, VerisignPayflowPro, WorldPay, Cybersource and Validate.

Note: Some Payment Gateways may require special setup resulting in additional charges.

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What card types are supported?

NetroMedia Supports the following card types:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX
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Cart Feature Options

Cart Feature Options:

  • Coupon Codes
    Support for promotional coupon codes, both reusable and single-use.
  • Custom Cart Design
    Our NetroMedia web designers can customize and brand your cart to your specifications.
  • Recurring billing for subscriptions
    Options for retaining payment info for recurring subscriptions.
  • Sales commission for affiliate referrals and vendor sales
    Fully customizable affiliate/vendor system.
  • Email Advertising
    Support for opt-in email/subscription campaigns
  • Wish Lists Allow users to select products to add to a public or shared 'Wish List'
  • Sales Statistics
    Full sales Analytics for track product (or product line) statistics
  • Product Packages Organize products into Categories and Packages
  • "Buy Now" Button (Express Checkout)
  • Customer Profiles
  • Product Detail Content:
    • Product Comparison
    • Popular Products
    • Featured Products
    • New Releases
    • Reviews
    • Related Products
    • "Customers who bought this also bought..."
  • Supported Currency:
    • EUR
    • USD
    • SEK
    • NOK
    • AUD
    • CAD
    • CHF
    • GBP
    • JPY
    Includes support for currency conversion
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