The Online Video Revolution – Redefining the Connected Web 2.0 Vertical

Victoria, BC, Canada - Jul 14 , 2009

When defining inbound marketing requirements, it is important to establish performance metrics to your connected market space while managing the effectiveness of your various online investments.

Instead of a packaged media campaign, try to connect with your client by creating a compelling streaming media experience that is enhanced through touch point optimization programs. By creating a viral social media space, you open opportunities without limiting your advertising dollars.

Inbound marketing succeeds by utilizing specific knowledge of media strategy, marketing, business operations and branding to identify a cohesive interactive deliverable.

Investment versus Outcome

One of the major benefits of Web 2.0 social media is that it scales in a way that advertising typically cannot. In other words, you don't have to pay more to reach a larger audience. The real secret is to have engaged and interesting content that people can't help talking about. You want a compelling story.

Focus on viral content - not traffic

The typical marketing campaign attempts to focus on driving traffic to your website or landing page. If you aggregate the total views of viral video, blogs and social media - multiply them over the long term - you start to understand the true impact of connected marketing.

The power of the content creator

Typically, less than 10% of any social network actively produces content. Though this percentage may seem small, the potential online impact of these key individuals is paramount to the success of your program. It could easily become the secret weapon for your next marketing campaign.

Make it real

Ad agencies would never make a claim they could not substantiate… right?

Unfortunately, your audience is running away from advertising ghettos for precisely this reason. They are more inclined to believe a blog article than your finely crafted prose.

Make it viral

The goal of any connected inbound campaign is to get your clients blogging and sharing videos of your product. Viral online content will live on far beyond the time span of your campaign and is indexed for discovery through various search engines.


As Director of Global Online, Jim delivers and optimizes modern, profitable customer experiences for NetroMedia clients. Inspired by deep insights into today's empowered customers and the untapped power of interactive technology, his work helps clients achieve a balance between customer aspirations and bottom-line performance.